Monday, 8 February 2016

Best Gre prep Book that will help to ace GRE in 2016

Finally I came with a post in which you will learn things about my blog title ;) Just kidding !!!

So, in this post I will discuss pros and cons about some of the market's Best Gre prep Book.

Check out this Gre test prep book 

Offering eight individualized guides to each of the main topics tested on the GRE, this set provides lots of information about Gre test prep and also Six Gre practice tests.
Manhattan is a leading name in the field of GRE preparation and its content is one of the best in the market.
Nevertheless,  the information and guidance provided does not feel overwhelming. The eight books include guides on all the math problems like Algebra; Fractions, Percents; Geometry  and Data Interpretation; Word Problems; Reading Comprehension & Essays; Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence.
The best part about these set of 8 books is that you can individually master each and every aspect of Quant and Verbal Section. Some of us are pretty strong in one section of mathematics but weak or rusty in another, so these series of books are written keeping that in mind.
Because of the vast amount of content contained in these eight guides, this book is not useful for last time studies, But for those with time and a dedication to the GRE, this is one of the most useful and best GRE test prep book systems.

2) GRE For Dummies with Online Practice Tests:

The latest GRE for Dummies book still provides a good review about whole GRE test preparation. However, it now also comes with full-length online GRE practice tests and practice questions. This is an ideal book for those who have absolutely no idea of the GRE exam, want to start from the scratch and have enough time in their hands to learn, practice the different aspects.
To be sure, the difficulty level of some of the practice questions could be higher but it is not, but overall this is a solid and fun book. This Gre study book is for first time learner.

3) Barron’s GRE:

Available now in a newly revised edition, Barron’s GRE is a highly comprehensive books that offers deep coverage and strategies for each section of the GRE.
 In addition, this guide offers a 3 tests with detailed answer explanations. You can also get Free access to Barrons Online Gre Course,  which includes features such as video tutorials, quizzes and additional practice questions, and a GRE study iPad app.
While the Quantitative tips given in this book is superb, it’s the Verbal part which is not as strong as the Quantitative one. So, those who are looking for shortcuts, good tricks in mathematics to solve tough questions should be looking at this very seriously.
While the book itself may not be as easy to read but it is really nice GRE preparation Book those who already have a good basic knowledge of the tested skills can benefit from the book’s approach to mastering the tougher questions.

4)  Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests, 2016 Edition:


Princeton Review is very famous company that brings very good Test prep products. But they lack in Verbal and Writing section in GRE. Cracking the GRE Premium includes GRE online video lectures and Four Free Gre practice test . Four additional online tests and study guides for downloading are also available.
The drills given in this book are top notch. The Verbal part is pretty good with brilliant tips given for the RCs. The SE/TC part is not great, as it’s not updated keeping the current pattern of GRE in mind. The quantitative section is a bit of a letdown as you either see very easy or very hard questions. So, a proper balance with a good mix of questions is missing from this book. The guide gives candidates an insight into the test, provides proper video/written lesson . The Book have really well verbal section. It is also well written and comprehensible. The math section explanations are inadequate.

So, these are some of the Best Gre prep Book from this site. In my next article I will provide more details about GRE BOOKS so that you can know which book to buy and which book to not. 

Till then Best of Luck !! 

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Best Gre E books for GRE preparation

 This is post is for all those people who are not fan of reading paper Books. I know with generation change people move over to E-books.

In my next post I will also provide Best Gre book for in paper for reading purpose. 

So, In this post I will provide some of the Free and paid E books for Gre prep.

So here are they..

1) Magoosh GRE E-Books ( PDF)

Magoosh is leading company in Test prep ( GRE, SAT, GMAT etc ). Thy are providing free ebooks for vocab, Quant, AWA etc.

Here are some links

1) Gre prep Book about Complete Revised GRE

2) Ultimate GRE GUIDE

3) Best Gre vocab E-Books for GRE prep

4) GRE Math Formula E-BOOK

5) Gre vocabulary Flash Cards

So, these were the some of the Best Gre test prep book for kindle or PDF viewer .

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Images of all the Best Gre test prep Book

In my last post i showed video about some of the best preparation books. I hope you all enjoyed that video.

So, in this post I will provide some information and images about Gre Study Books. Most of the times 3-4 GRE prep books are enough. But there are many books available in market. so, from that many books choosing 3-4 books is tough task. So, here is the images of Best Gre test prep Books .

1 ) ETS official GRE verbal reasoning

  2) Kaplan GRE premier 2016  ( Best GRE prep BOOK for 2016 )

3) Cliff Notes Math Review

4)  Gre for Dummies

So, these are some of the Gre test prep books which are available in market with really low price. Buying any 2-3 Gre Books from this list will get you really good marks in GRE exam.

So , start preparing for GRE. Do let me know if you have any doubt or any questions regarding these Gre prep Book.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Video Of Best Gre prearation Books

Hey, Guys Hope you are doing fine and your Gre prep is also going good.

So, today in this post I will show you awesome video about GRE prep Book, In this video you will see how to do preparation of GRE exam.

Also in this video you will see which GRE prep Book has really good content and which GRE study book you should buy.

Also in this video you will be shown the time table of studying.

So, do let me know about this awesome video of Best Gre prep Book  in comments.

So, I hope you have enjoyed the video about GRE STUDY BOOK.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Welcome to ultimate guide of GRE Book

Hello and welcome to my blog about best GRE prep books.

Since, this is my first post I will not publish much content, about GRE preparation Book. But I will surely tell you what I will cover in my blog.

These blog is purely dedicated to study guidance about GRE and GMAT preparation. I took my GRE exam and I have scored well in my GRE exam because I struggled a lot.

But I don't want to struggle you for these easy exams. What I am going to do is provide you some of the Best Gre Books information, advice about GMAT examination and also MBA and graduation stuff.

Stay tuned !!